Terms and Conditions

Capacity to Contract  The person signing this document (“bidder”) represents and warrants that he/she is of legal age (over 18) and has full legal capacity and authority to understand, execute and deliver this ONLINE ONLY AUCTION AGREEMENT.  As a condition of being permitted to bid at this Online Auction, the person signing this document agrees to the following terms and conditions:

Ability to Pay  The person signing this document affirmatively represents that he/she has the financial resources necessary to complete the timely purchase of the property at the bid price offered by him/her. 

Paymenets: Items can be paid for at the time of pick-up using cash, check(with copy of valid State/Federal I.D.), or credit card (Visa and Master Card accepted + 4%)

A valid State ID is required at checkout. NO out of state checks accepted

Buyer’s Premium:    There will be a 5% Buyers Premium added on top of the winning bid amount. Subject to change, Please check each auction for buyers premium.   

Bid is Binding  By placing a bid, you acknowledge that your bid is a legally binding offer to purchase the item or property being auctioned, and the bid cannot be retracted.  As a bidder you are responsible for any bids placed under your bidding number and password.  If you are the successful bidder, you agree to pay the amount of your bid plus all taxes and fees in accordance with all terms and conditions of the online auction.

Pick-up: It is the winning bidders responsibility to pick up their items. Items must be picked up within 3 days of the end of the auction. A $25/item storage fee will apply after 3 days, after 7 days the item becomes property of Geyer Auction Service and could be reauctioned at a later date. NO REFUNDS will be issued for items surrendered after 7 days. Items can be picked up Monday - Friday between 8:00am and 5:30pm

Discretion of Auctioneer  All bids are subject to acceptance by the Auctioneer.  No bid shall be deemed a valid bid until accepted by the Auctioneer, who has sole discretion over the acceptance or rejection of all bids.  The decision of the Auctioneer is final and may not be challenged in any manner.

Interruption in Online Auction  Neither Auctioneer nor the company providing the software for the online auction shall be held responsible for a missed bid or the failure of the online auction software to function property for any reason.  The bidder acknowledges that the online auction is conducted electronically and relies on both hardware and software that may malfunction without warning. 

Sale is Final  Once the Auctioneer has determined the successful bidder, the sale to the successful bidder is final and the successful bid price plus all taxes and fees are due and owing.

All Sales As Is  All items and property being sold in this online auction are sold “WHERE IS” in an “AS IS” condition, “WITH ALL FAULTS” and with no warranty about condition.  It is the responsibility of the bidder to inspect all property prior to placing a bid and to determine the nature, condition, and state of title of each item prior to placing a bid for the purchase of the item or property.



Disclaimer of All Warranties  There are no understandings agreements, representations or warranties, express or implied, respecting this contract, or the items or property sold in this online auction.  The implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and all other warranties, either express or implied, are specifically excluded from this online auction and the sale of any items or property.

Risk of Loss  All items or property becomes the full responsibility of the successful bidder at the time Auctioneer determines the successful bid which finalizes the sale.  The successful bidder assumes all risk of loss and damage to items or property after the successful bid is determined by the Auctioneer.

Auctioneer Agent of Seller  The bidder acknowledges and agrees that Auctioneer is acting solely as the agent for the seller in this online auction.  The Auctioneer will have no liability or obligation for the condition of nor description of items or property sold in the online auction.  The bidder waives and releases Auctioneer from any and all claims, causes of action, or other proceeding alleging a warranty or representation concerning items or property sold in the online auction.

Acceptance of Terms  By registering for the online auction, bidder agrees to these terms and conditions, as may be updated from time to time prior to the auction.

Electronic Signature  By selecting the “I Accept” button, you are signing this Agreement / Document electronically, and agreeing to participate in the online auction by electronic means as provided by MCL 450.831 et. seq. and 15 USC § 7001 et. seq.  You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this Agreement / Document.  By electing “I Accept”, you consent to be legally bound by this Agreement.